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Soundproof Curtains - How They Stop The Noise

Welcome to! In this site you will discover a large selection of manufacturers of soundproof materials, including soundproof curtains, soundproof window curtains, acoustical curtains, and more, and you will get hints and advice on how to take advantage of the soundproofing techniques that will help you stop the noise.

Why do people complain about the noise so much?

Well, it is true, you hardly see a person complain about the high intensity of light! But now and then, you will hear a person complain about the loud noise. Be it due to a budding musician practicing a piano in their room, or somebody speaking loudly, the sound will be heard on the street, and definitely in the next apartment in an apartment building. Or sometimes the street noise will be unbearable.

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It is just a physical fact that the sound waves are much longer wave length and are more easily "bent" and "shaped" and "turned" than the light waves, which pretty much only travel in straight lines. So while it is easy to shield yourself from light, it is not so easy to shield yourself from noise.

Two reasons why look for soundproof curtains or acoustical curtains

If you are concerned with the level of noise entering or exiting your house, then it is no wonder you have been thinking about soundproof curtains. It is about blocking the sound from coming through. But the other reason is to prevent the sound from reflecting from the walls or windows.

When you are a vocalist singing, or a musician playing an instrument, then you too would like to isolate yourself from the outside noise, and, sure enough, getting soundproof curtains, or acoustic curtains, makes sense. But there is more. Soundproof curtains are used not only to block the sound from crossing, but also to prevent the sound from reflecting back to where it came from. When you are using soundproof curtains in this capacity, the sound may still leak out of your room, but you will not have as many echoes, reflections off the walls and windows, and the quality of your voice or music will improve.

We'll make a distinction here between soundproof curtains, used for soundproofing your room to prevent sound from entering and exiting, and between acoustical curtains, creating an acoustical room, which will have controlled and reduced reflections of the sound, and correspondingly reduced sound distortion.

So let's focus on soundproof curtains first.

How do soundproof curtains work?

Soundproof curtains look like a thicker version of the regular curtains. They are typically made of mass loaded vinyl. The high mass and high weight per square foot helps absorb more sound of a wider spectrum of frequencies. The best soundproof curtains will absorb well not only in the frequency range of the spoken human voice, but also at significantly lower frequencies as well.

Their purpose is to reflect as little as possible of the sound, absorb as much as possible, and release the rest of the sound energy through.

What are the typical uses of soundproof curtains?

At home, soundproofing curtains for home are used for soundproofing individual rooms, such as the rooms where the junior is practicing the trumpet. They can be quite effective when they cover a significant portion of the walls. Soundproof curtains can be used in homes in conjunction with soundproof floors, soundproof windows and soundproof ceilings. As the sound can travel around and through a variety of obstacles such as walls, a comprehensive soundproofing will be needed for best results.

Other uses of soundproof curtains and soundproofing in general include industrial facilities, or computer rooms that generate high level of noise. Soundproof drapes are used to reduce the noise of the air conditioners that are on the roofs or outside the buildings. Hospitals use soundproof curtains in patients rooms where they want to shield a sensitive patient from the sounds that are generated by their medical equipment. Soundproof curtains find their use in movie theaters, as well as in home theaters, to isolate the media room from the outside world for maximal enjoyment and immersion in the movie experience.

Condos and houses that happen to be located near international airports have a great use for soundproof window curtains. The curtains in such houses can mean a difference between a good night sleep and a nightmare.

What to look for when purchasing a soundproof curtain?

You can shop for soundproof curtains online, for instance checkout Eclipse Suede Energy Efficient Curtains at Walmart (make sure your chosen color is in stock) icon. The thickness and weight of the curtain will be a great indicator of how well it will dampen the noise. The heavier, the better. Of course, you will want to pick the size that matches your walls, doors, or windows, so not to allow the sound to go "around" the curtains through the openings. Because the sound can definitely do that, you will want to go with the airtight design as much as possible.

When soundproof curtains are insufficient for your soundproofing purposes, you may want to take a step up and upgrade, or supplement the curtains with acoustic tiles that you affix to the walls and ceilings. You may need to provide soundproof door too. Alternatively you may want to go with the acoustic foam, even acoustic foam with spikes or wedges pointing away from the wall, into the room for the maximum absorption. You may want to additionally soundproof windows, doors, and even the floor.

We will talk more about these possibilities elsewhere on this site, for instance, here: noise proof curtains and here: media room curtains. Enjoy your stay!